The situation

At least 4,000 families have lost their homes in a fire that broke out in Korail on the morning of Thursday, 16 March. 15-20% of the slum has been damaged, according to fire services. No deaths or major injuries has been reported so far.


What we are doing

  1. Our emergency response team has provided basic medical support. Three medical teams have also been dispatched to provide support, and two medical camps have been set up.

  2. We are ensuring the supply of safe drinking water to affected households.

  3. Our urban development programme is preparing a comprehensive map of the affected area.

  4. A child-friendly space will be put up to ensure that all children remain safe. Our school teachers will be deployed to look after all children, and a constant supply of snacks and water will be provided. All children in the child-friendly space will be registered.

  5. We are coordinating with the city corporation, INGOs and other organisations to carry out a detailed need assessment and figure out the next course of action.


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