Bangladesh is experiencing its longest spell of flooding in three decades. Millions of people have lost homes, livelihoods and land. People who were already living in poverty are suffering the most. Shelters are full, and precautions for COVID-19 continue to be compromised.

People in these areas already lost much of their livelihoods during the shutdown in recent months. The floods have now taken away what little remained.
We are providing emergency relief to those most affected. We will assist 50,000 families in 15 upazilas with cash support of USD 24 (BDT 2,000) to meet their most urgent needs. But the need is much greater. The government has allocated 16,410 MT of rice, but there are many families who will still go hungry.

We will continue our endeavour to expand the scope of relief, and the BRAC family will do everything we can to ensure your financial support reaches those who need it the most.


Waterlogging has displaced 731,958 families across 21 districts and 102 sub-districts.
67,414 people are taking shelter in 1,521 designated shelter centres..
172,000 hectares of croplands have been submerged, with damaged crops worth BDT 35 billion (USD 414,312,850).
Most regions were beginning to recover from the floods, but the second spell has amplified the flood’s devastating effects amidst the pandemic.
93 flood-related deaths occurred since June 30, 2020.


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