Humanitarian approach

BRAC Humanitarian Programme (BHP) builds resilience across the most vulnerable communities and provides holistic humanitarian support to the people affected by both natural and human induced disasters, by working alongside the government and other humanitarian actors.

Our commitment lies in reaching and addressing the immediate needs of individuals in remote and marginalised conditions who are in distress as a result of disasters and crises; helping them recover and build back better. The 'One BRAC' approach strives in bridging humanitarian and development work; this is achieved through BRAC’s emergency Standing Operating Procedures, and contributes to building resilient communities. Our structured and skilled disaster management teams at district and sub-district levels across the country reach the affected communities with immediate humanitarian support within 72 hours of any disaster.

Another key component of our approach is the participation of women, men and persons with disabilities affected by crises and emergencies. To ensure that humanitarian assistance is dignified, we recognise people's capacities, promote their right to participate, and ensure that their input is considered in the decisions that affect their lives. Additionally, we aim to ensure that all its humanitarian activities are gender-responsive, and promotes women’s leadership in humanitarian preparedness and response.