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78,000 new clothes to children from Rakhine State of Myanmar

এ পর্যন্ত লক্ষাধিক মানুষের নিরাপদ পানি নিশ্চিত করেছে ব্র্যাক
September 27, 2017
রাখাইন থেকে আসা শিশুদের জন্য ৭৮ হাজার কাপড় বিতরণ করবে ব্র্যাক
October 5, 2017

The humanitarian organisation has gathered clothing items for the children living across 10 makeshift settlements in Ukhia and Teknaf. So far the clothes have been distributed to 1000 children in these settlements as efforts continue.

In addition, floor mats have been provided to protect around 1700 families in need from the cold. Close to 345 families have been equipped with solar lights in order to keep the settlements well-lit at night.

More than half of the people that have arrived from Rakhine State are children, and during such crises they tend to be easily deprived of basic necessities like clothing. This has resulted in the children being exposed to severe health risks such as pneumonia, fever, coughing etc. This is why BRAC has mobilised a huge amount of clothing from multiple garments manufacturers to distribute amongst the children.

Apart from several individual donations, five large garments manufacturers including Hamim Group, Graphics Textile, Ecotex Limited, Fakhruddin Textile Mills and Saturn Textiles. On the other hand, SF Denim Apparels Limited donated clothes through Aarong.

Meanwhile, around 56 child-friendly spaces (CFS) have been established to ensure positive mental growth for more than 3000 children on a daily basis through playful events.

Over 600 BRAC workers from across the country are engaged in various aid efforts. They are currently operating 60 mobile health camps that serve a total of 70,429 people, have placed 876 tube wells and built 2,760 latrines around the settlements. These interventions are being carried out in collaboration with International Organisation of Migration (IOM), UNICEF, WFP, AUSAID, DFID and Global Fund.

Top management officials from BRAC are regularly conducting visits and overseeing on-site operations.