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More than half of the new arrivals are children

শাল্লায় অসহায়দের মাঝে ব্রাকের নগদ অর্থ বিতরণ
August 29, 2017
BRAC to take emergency services to 3 lakh people
September 25, 2017

Over 430,000 people have fled from Myanmar since August 25. The situation is putting enormous pressure on a region that is already overwhelmed with earlier influxes of people from the Rakhine State of Myanmar and recent floods.

More than half of the new arrivals are children, many of them not even a year old and many unaccompanied. More than 50,000 pregnant and lactating women have also arrived, who need urgent support – and will soon have more children to look after. There are many people helping, but the need is much higher than the support available, and the need is growing every day. People have walked for days and they are sick, exhausted and scared. They have nothing. They urgently need shelter, clean water and sanitation.

BRAC started working in the makeshift settlement communities in Ukhia and Teknaf sub-districts to provide child protection services in January 2017. Establishing three child friendly spaces helped build close relationships with the community. We used those relationships to begin emergency WASH and health support for the new arrivals on 5 September.