Humanitarian Crisis Management Programme

Almost a million people from the Rohingya community escaped Myanmar after facing statelessness, systematic discrimination, and targeted violence. BRAC has been responding to the largest humanitarian crisis since its inception in 2017, when the forcibly displaced Myanmar nationals took refuge in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

BRAC Humanitarian Crisis Management Programme (HCMP) began with a focus on lifesaving interventions on reactive emergency responses, particularly in WASH and shelter provision. As the situation evolved, HCMP incorporated interventions to support everyone affected by the crisis, in both camps and host communities. HCMP’s work is aimed towards providing sustainable humanitarian support to save lives, alleviate sufferings and maintain human dignity throughout and in the aftermath of the crisis, as well as strengthen preparedness for emergency situations. HCMP has been working to ensure basic needs, safety and security, socio-economic opportunities in the camps and the host community for more than 1.3 million vulnerable people.

BRAC, in collaboration with the Government of Bangladesh and other partnering agencies, constructed houses, medical facilities, learning centres, roads, bridges, water supply networks, sanitary latrines and myriad other amenities in the Rohingya camps. Over the years, BRAC has become the largest education provider in the Rohingya camps.

HCMP adopted new strategies in its humanitarian response to cope with the rising challenges and to meet the needs of the Rohingya and host communities. BRAC is committed to enhance social cohesion among the displaced and the host communities and strengthen the humanitarian and development nexus. Through its integrated interventions, HCMP is working towards ensuring social inclusion by mainstreaming age, gender and diversity, and building community resilience to prepare for and respond to disastrous situations.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, a new crisis emerged within the existing crisis in the Rohingya camps and the adjacent host communities. HCMP initiated numbers of targeted actions and interventions along with the ones already ongoing for people of both communities, along with awareness messages on prevention of the coronavirus infection. Emergency cash support has been provided to thousands of families who have suffered in the lockdown.